Southern Man

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Movie Review - The Hannah Montana Movie

Southern Man generally ignores the Disney Channel silliness that his daughters tune to when they're over but grudgingly admits that he is something of a Hannah Montana fan and The Hannah Montana Movie does not disappoint if you expect good clean corny fun, predictable plot, a bit of chaste romance, and plenty of decent singing. Miley Cyrus is genuinely talented as both actress and vocalist - after her teen-pop days are done she is going to be one hell of a country singer - and both skills are put to impressive use here. Real-life and movie dad Billy Ray gets a good share of screen time as well. A cameo by Rascal Flatts covering Bless the Broken Road was a pleasant surprise. The screening nine-going-on-ten-year-old daughter and Southern Man attended was packed with parents and kids and all had a great time. Daughter and her newly-met seatmate knew all of the songs and sang along together, which was great fun. This is one DVD that Southern Man won't mind adding to the collection.


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