Southern Man

Friday, March 27, 2009

Geocaching in St. Jo

Spring break just wasn't enough break for us, so after a half-week back at "work" Southern Man, gf, and Youngest Daughter headed north to St. Joseph, MO for a long weekend with gf's sister, her bf, and his four children - one of which is a girl about the same age as Youngest Daughter, which is why she is along - which will end on Monday with a surprise 75th birthday party for gf's mother. Our presence is part of the surprise, so we'll be more or less hiding out for a couple of days in gf's sister's beautifully restored Victorian home in downtown St. Jo.

We got in late last night and visited 'till much later; the four kids got out of school early today and were home by noon. Southern Man is an avid geocacher and found several within easy walking distance of the house, so he and the five kids spent the entire afternoon stomping about in the cold and having a great time finding caches and swapping treasures. We saw just about every variety of cache - traditional ammo box, home-made, disguised, tree-hanger, film cannister, micro - and the kids loved it. They are begging to do more tomorrow. And, happily enough, Southern Man's daughter and her new cousin-to-be are inseparable and are having a wonderful time themselves. So it is looking like it will be a fun weekend.


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