Southern Man

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie Review - Bolt

As part of Thanksgiving weekend with the kids we ended up at the local megamall for food-court dinner and movies this evening. And while the teens got to see fun vampire flicks like Twilight Southern Man was pretty much constrained to whatever his nine-year-old princess desires and tonight that was Bolt. The 2D version, though, so Southern Man is unable to comment on any impact of the Third Dimension on what was a simple and surprisingly sweet film with plenty of action and a fair bit of heart. Princess was sold on this film when she found that her idol Miley Cyrus voiced one of the characters; Southern Man was less enthusiastic about her co-star John Travolta, who can never truly be forgiven for producing Scientology orientation films and the horror that was Battlefield Earth. But you will smile all the way through this one. And perhaps the DVD will come with 3D glasses...


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