Southern Man

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back To School

Well, the fall semester kicked off yesterday. Southern Man has only two classes (with multiple sections) so the teaching side of things will be relatively light (enough that Southern Man can sit at home in the middle of the afternoon and blog) but he also got stuck with Assistant Chair, which means Southern Man gets to do all of the really onerous chores that the Chair doesn't want to deal with. Southern Man's department is 50% brand-new hires with brand-new degrees; Southern Man is covering two classes for one of them while his immigration paperwork slowly meanders through the bureaucrazy. And our student enrollment is sharply down, which may be an unpleasant indicator of things to come. But Southern Man continues to be employed in a relatively enjoyable job that pays pretty well, so he's counting his blessings.

Lots of changes...After a fairly difficult spring and summer, Southern Man's teen son is back with his mother so Casa Southern Man seems bigger and quieter and lonlier these days and Southern Man is seriously considering moving to a smaller (and less expensive) abode. Upon being told this, Southern Man's precious little girl had but one question: will it have a pool? Southern Man's teen daughter just got her driving permit today, right on schedule to get her license right after her sixteenth birthday in six months. And Southern Man Himself is dating again, which is both exhilerating and frightening.

But that's the thing about being in education: you get a fresh start every four months or so and that attidude always spills over into the rest of your life. And Southern Man is confident that his future continues to be bright. Lord, I pray that you continue to guide and direct me in all that I do; let Your word be a light unto my feet and a lamp unto my path; and remind me always of the many blessings You've granted unto me. Amen.


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