Southern Man

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summer School II

Oh brother, that was a short "vacation." Now Southern Man is back to work at both his home institution (a course in logic) and a local community college (first-semester college physics) for the eight-week summer term. And week after next is the first installment of a two-week (one in June, one in July) teacher workshop that Southern Man somehow got involved with. That means Southern Man has been in the office most of the day for the last few days making sure everything is ready to go. But most of the teaching is late afternoon and evening, so hopefully he will be able to spend some mornings out at The Land.

And even though it's only the second day of the session Southern Man is going to torment both of his classes with quizzes. Southern Man loves to give quizzes. It encourages the students to get to class on time, forces them to review the previous day's material and actually do the reading for that evening, and gives them examples of the sorts of questions Southern Man likes to put on the exams. So off we go...


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