Southern Man

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Restful Day

Every now and then Southern Man's former church has a "children's service" in which the aforementioned children play a major role in the worship service. Today was that day, so Southern Man slipped into a back pew to watch his precious eight-year-old daughter who had a speaking part (at a mike!) and also sang in the children's choir (which performed, among other songs, a charming take-off on the old Police hit Every Breath You Take) and played in the handbell choir. It was a nice service and she did very well. And then she dashed back to sit with Southern Man for the sermon, which was very sweet of her. And then Southern Man's ex invited him to lunch, so we and the two girls went to a local BBQ place and had a most pleasant meal together - the first since our separation nearly two years ago. Fifteen-year-old daughter is about to embark on a mission trip to Africa and much of the discussion was on what she should take and the issues of currency conversions and such.

And after that delicious BBQ dinner Southern Man went home and made the mistake of lying down in bed "for a few minutes" and just like that it was three hours later. Also very nice - Southern Man should nap more often. Then he went out to The Land and did a few things - not much - and came back home to piddle about some more. In short, a most relaxing and leisurely day. Every Sunday should be such a day of rest. Lord, thank You for giving us the seventh day to rest from our labors. Amen.


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