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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

James Bond: Casino Royale Body Count

Southern Man is bored. Southern Man is also watching the newest James Bond movie Casino Royale for the umpteenth time. Southern Man has searched the 'net for a body count on this movie and didn't find one. Did Southern Man mention that Southern Man was bored? So, here it is: the Casino Royale body count. "+" indicates a sure (or at least highly probable) kill by our favourite secret agent.
    +Fisher: shot after a brutal fistfight.

    +Dryden: assassinated after a brief conversation.

    That's Bond's first two kills; "007 status confirmed."

    Carter: death by cobra bite as Bond and Carter stalk the bombmaker Mollaka.

    Unknown number of deaths and injuries (including two shot by Mollaka) as Bond pursues Mollaka through a construction site and pretty much wrecks it in the process.

    +Mollaka: assassinated in the courtyard of the Nambutu Embassy in Madagascar after said pursuit.

    Unknown number of deaths and injuries in a gas bottle explosion initiated by Bond immediately after said assassination.

    +Alex Dimitrious: killed with his own knife by Bond - who has already won his '63 Aston Martin DB5 in a poker game and seduced his wife. Note to self: do not mess with James Bond.

    Unknown number of deaths and injuries during a vehicle chase through Miami Airport (including the tanker truck driver killed by the bombmaker Carlos for his truck). Collateral damage includes considerable loss of luggage.

    +Carlos: killed (or seriously injured) by his own phone-activated detonator, courtesy of Bond.

    Solange Dimitrious: tortured and murdered by Le Chiffre as a direct consequence of being seduced by Bond. Note to self: do not sleep with James Bond, either.

    "Quite the body count you're racking up." quoth M at this point. That's five confirmed kills, plus considerable property damage and collateral deaths in Madagascar (the construction site and the embassy), the Bahamas (where Solange was murdered), and at Miami Airport.

    +Steven Obanno and Obanno's bodyguard: killed in the stairwell fight at Casino Royale; bodies disposed of by Mathis, who dumping them in the boot of Le Chiffre's bodyguard Leo's car. Leo is then arrested by the local police, quite probably saving his life.

    Le Chiffre (and probably Kraft and possibly Valenka as well as other Le Chiffre henchmen and groupies): assassinated by Mr. White after the poker game. This gives Mr. White the second-highest probable kill count of the film.

    +Unknown gunman: shot in the head by Bond to initiate the Canal fight.

    +Tall Man: injured in a gunfight by one of his own as Bond uses him as a human shield, then crushed by the elevator. Not a direct kill, but we'll give it to him.

    +Gettler: shot in the eye with a nail gun during the Canal fight.

    Vesper Lynd: suicide by drowning after the Canal fight.
Southern Man counts an even ten confirmed kills. Are there more? Post a comment and let him know!


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