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Friday, May 25, 2007

List Of Links

One of the grand old traditions of the World Wide Web (if something that's barely a decade old can be said to have grand old traditions) is the "List of Links" page. These were often pretty bare-bones pages (yes, children, once upon a time "web browsers" were text only, or were graphical only in the most primitive sense - as were search engines that you've never heard of such as Archie and Gopher) but always interesting - kind of like pulling a volume from the encyclopedia and reading totally unrelated articles in the order in which they appear (and, yes, Southern Man's great-grandmother had the full set of 1962 World Book Encylopedias and Southern Man read the whole thing cover to cover three times before the age of thirteen - so take that, Britannica Guy!), or just following random links on Wikipedia (good practice for your next round of Six Degrees of Wikipedia). Well, anyway, in keeping with this grand tradition and also as a reflection of Southern Man's tendancy to wander aimlessly between unrelated topics, watch for the continual growth of the Official Southern ManTM List Of LinksTM down the right-hand side of this blog. And like any good List of Links it's even organized by category, sort of. So take a moment, click on a random link, and enjoy your visit to a new corner of the World Wide Web.

Disclaimer - the Southern Man Blog is rated PG and he has no intention of linking to offensive content, but Southern Man makes no guarantee that these links might not be offensive, disgusting, or even NSFW, so TBYC.


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