Southern Man

Monday, May 21, 2007

Daughter Day Part Troix

Well, at least a brief daughter evening...

This one began with a late afternoon phone call from teenage daughter - can Southern Man pick her and her sister up, pick up her friend, and drop them off at Starbucks for an hour or so?

Well, sure he can. Even playing chauffer is better than not seeing them the girls at all. So Southern Man picks up his girls, picks up teen daughter's friend (yes, one of those involved with last week's kidnapping), and drops them off at Starbucks. Then baby daughter suggested dinner at Incredible Pizza - a place that is rather hard on Southern Man's finances, diet, and generally calm state of mind - but, again, eating at that madhouse is better than not seeing them at all. And we did have quite a fun time. After dinner Southern Man watched in amazement as she burned through a $5 game card in ninety seconds flat. Then the older girls called - we're tired of Starbucks, take us to Target! So we went to Target and shopped a bit, then took everyone back home.

So tonight was an unexpected pleasure. May there be many, many more daughter days!


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