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Friday, May 18, 2007

Another Daughter Day

Southern Man has had kind of a long day today. First off he headed out to his barn-roof project with a truckload of asphalt shingles only to find after unloading them that they were not only the wrong color but were three-tabs instead of real shingles. As Southern Man has learned the hard way, the winds that come sweepin' down The Land peels three-tabs right off the roof, so with a great sigh he heaved all umpteen-hundred pounds back into the truck and hauled them back to the store. At least Southern Man still had the receipt and they didn't give him any trouble about the refund.

After a brief set of chores at the office Southern Man then headed to the first counseling session with his ex with Dr. Jim Talley, who actually has something of a national reputation. He has a couple of good books (including Reconcilable Differences, which Southern Man just finished a few nights ago) and is a frequent guest on various Christian television and radio shows. He works out of his house, which is perched more-or-less between ex's home and casa Southern Man so it's an easy trip. Today was spent filling out forms and answering a lengthy questionaire. Southern Man's ex was in a fairly distant mood today; not at all like she was during our long (and enlightening) conversation on Monday evening, so who knows what is going through her mind. He gave us a diagnostic to complete and return to him before our next appointment, which is next Thursday. Southern Man vows to keep an open heart and mind but after today is even more convinced that any love she once had for him is dead and gone and the best we can hope for is a better working relationship as parents. It is a bitter pill to swallow. Until Monday evening Southern Man had been convinced that there was still something in her heart for him and that we still had a chance; now he's equally convinced that there is nothing left for her at all except heartache and disappointment.

The next events were much happier. Southern Man's teenage daughter has a major speaking and singing part in a school play - an adaptation of the well-known SchoolHouse Rock - and we all went to the performance this evening. They did many of Southern Man's favorites (including the wonderful "I'm Just A Bill" and "Interplanet Janet") and the audience enjoyed the program immensely. Teenage daughter has a lovely singing voice and Southern Man couldn't get enough of hearing her. And of course his seven-year-old daughter spent the entire program perched on Southern Man's lap, which was just fine with him.

Southern Man had promised to take the girls to see Shrek The Third on Friday, but a quick check of the theatre listings revealed not only the traditional 12:01 AM opening-day showing but a ten o'clock as well, so after the school play Southern Man dashed home, gave the kitchen a quick cleanup, and headed back to ex's house to pick up his daughters for an evening at the movies. We armed ourselves with the usual theatre goodies and were with a good crowd. However, baby daughter - who is usually quite good at staying up during late-night movies - went to sleep about halfway through. Well, sorry to say she didn't miss much. Both girls elected to spend the night (Friday is Southern Man's day to take his teen daughter to Starbucks and school anyway) and both are already asleep in their beds.

Thus ends what turned out to be another daughter day. Hopefully there will be many, many more down the road!


At Monday, May 21, 2007, Blogger neighborsgrrl said...

Sounds like you're having a nice time being there with your kids -- and that's important, regardless of where your marriage ends up.

On a different note -- what's with this barn raising? How come Southerman has no wingmen who are handy and like to build stuff? How come you're always alone with roof tiles and ladders falling? I think you need to start videotaping and posting your building exploits :)


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