Southern Man

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter Storm Part Trois

Well, even though the promised six-to-twelve-inches we were promised last weekend never materialized Old Man Winter ain't through with us yet - the snow is falling and the streets are sufficiently slick that the local community college called off evening classes, thus freeing Southern Man to drop by the tax office to see if clients are more willing to brave the weather for tax-refund loans than are university students for the fountain of knowledge. The so-called "peak" has been off to a slow start due to the weather and we are all getting a bit concerned; until now there have always been more preparers than clients and we do a lot of sitting around pretending to study esoteric tax trivia when we think the boss is looking. We get paid a commission per paid return but nothing on the paystub loans we've been doing lately, and many of us haven't had that many real returns come across our desks yet.