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Monday, January 01, 2007

Movie and Book Review - Eragon

I'm not going to actually review the new movie Eragon. Instead I'll just recount the plot. There are no spoilers unless you've not actually been to the movies since, say, 1977.

Our story takes place on the remote world of Tatooine Alagaesia, which is ruled by the despotic Emperor Palpatine King Galbotorix. The main character is Luke Skywalker Eragon, a young orphan who lives on a farm with his Uncle Owen Uncle Garrow. Skywalker Eragon stumbles across R2-D2 a dragon egg and brings it to the local mystic, Obi-Wan Kenobi Brom, who was one of the last of the legendary Jedi Knights Dragon Riders. However, Emperor Palpatine King Galbotorix, who was also once a Jedi Knight Dragon Rider but betrayed the order when he sought the throne, sends his minions in search of the missing R2 unit dragon egg as well. Said minion and a squad of stormtroopers Ra'zac trace the R2 egg to Owen's Garrow's farm, burn the house, and murder Owen Garrow and his family. However, Skywalker Eragon and Kenobi Brom escape to the nearby planet town of Mos Eisley Carvahall.

Skywalker Eragon and Kenobi Brom then flee to the planet city of Alderaan Yuzauc, only to find that the Empire had already completely destroyed the planet city and murdered the inhabitants. They continue their journey, during which time Kenobi Brom teaches Skywalker Eragon the ways of the Jedi Knights Dragon Riders, which includes an introduction to the mysteries of the Force the power of mind-touch. Kenobi Brom also gives Skywalker Eragon the lightsaber sword that Kenobi Brom had taken from the fallen Jedi Knight Dragon Rider Darth Vader Morzan after a duel to the death. Of course it will turn out that Darth Vader Morzan is Skywalker's Eragon's father. Kenobi Brom falls in battle but Skywalker Eragon manages to rescue Princess Leia the Elf-Princess Arya from Imperial captivity and they are in turn rescued by the rogue mercenary Han Solo Murtagh. This merry band then seeks to join the Rebellion rebel army, overthrow the evil Emperor King, and restore peace and justice to the galaxy...

Need I go on?

My ex gave me the books Eragon and Eldest for Christmas a year ago. She knows that books like that are right down my alley and it's hardly her fault that they were written by a teen wunderkind and were just awful. There is supposedly a third one coming out to complete the trilogy and I may get it just to see how bad it is. As I recall, in the second book Skywalker Eragon travels to the remote planet Dagobah city of Ellesmera where he is further trained in the Jedi Dragon Rider arts by the ancient Jedi Master Dragon Lord Yoda Oromis, where he learns the shocking truth about his father Darth Vader Morzan and the lightsaber sword he carries...


At Tuesday, January 02, 2007, Blogger neighborsgrrl said...

All I can say is LMAO! A coworker lent me the Eragon book and it's been gathering dust on my bookshelf for about a year. I still haven't read it, and now, after reading your review, I probably never will.

At Tuesday, January 02, 2007, Blogger gouldie said...

Great review, Southernman!


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