Southern Man

Friday, January 26, 2007

Time Warp

Well, the "new" blogger lets me backdate posts. Now if I can only remember what I was actually doing on this particular date...

Ah, yes...the tail end of the first week back at school after the Long, Long Weekend and the first hint of "peak" at the tax office. And I get the kids this weekend, sort of; the older two are involved at church all day tomorrow, so I'll drop them off early and pick them up when they finish mid-afternoon. But at least I get to see them. And I'll have plenty of time with my baby girl. After we drop off the older kids in the morning we'll hit McDonalds for breakfast, laze around all morning watching videos and playing games, hit the sample carts at Sams for lunch, and then take it from there. It looks like it will be a fun, relaxed weekend...


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