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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Long, Long Weekend

Lessee here...this would be Day Nine of the Long, Long Weekend, except Southern Man did have to work nine-to-five at the tax office. And he'll work nine-to-five tomorrow as well. Business is picking up, though...did several returns today and hope to do several more tomorrow. And it looks like it was just a tiny bit too warm today, so the much-heralded six-to-ten inches of snow promised for this afternoon came down as about an inch of rain instead. So it looks like back to business as usual on Monday.

Yesterday was fun; Southern Man managed to grab all three kids for lunch and fun and games at the local Incredible Pizza (which is sort of like Chuck E Cheese's on steroids), then kept the youngest at his place for a few more hours. Alas, we put in a movie and she went right to sleep. But it was still nice to have her around. Next official visitation is next weekend. And he and gf have managed to spend a bit of time together as well. It's a good thing, too, as Southern Man will probably not have time to breath for the next three weeks, as he'll be working the tax office any time he's not at one of his other three jobs. "Peak," they call it in the tax biz. It'll be over (at least for Southern Man) on Valentine's Day, which is when his contract expires. Hopefully many, many tax returns will be completed and mucho commision will be earned in the process; those Christmas bills are still largely unpaid.

But tonight will be spent relaxing by the fire with a beer and good ham-and-beans for dinner and jazz CDs in the player and a week's worth of news magazines to catch up on. Life is good.


At Monday, January 22, 2007, Blogger neighborsgrrl said...

Does this mean I can come to you for tax advice? Heh heh..maybe you can help me figure out why the Man says I overpaid my taxes in NYC last year, even though TurboTax told me it was OK.

At Wednesday, January 24, 2007, Blogger Southern Man said...

Even down here in Southern Man land, New York is notorious for intricate and complicated state and city taxes, so I'll duck this one and recommend that you talk to someone Up There instead :)


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