Southern Man

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Going For Six!

This Winter Storm is the Gift That Keeps On Giving. The public schools are closed again tomorrow, which makes this a six-day weekend. And there's more snow on the way on Saturday! Of course gf is less than overjoyed; as a public schoolteacher she has to make these snow days up at the end of the year. Southern Man will simply have to go a little faster to get caught back up in his classes.

So today was much the same as yesterday; a relaxed morning at casa Southern Man, the afternoon spent running around (gf's Jeep broke a CV joint and had to go to the shop, among other things), then back home for dinner and a fire and a relaxed evening. Or not so relaxed as Southern Man is still battling for victory in Champion Archer. But he is confident that tonight will be the night.