Southern Man

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Winter Storm Part Deux

After a restful night's sleep Southern Man and baby daughter were up with the dawn to find that Old Man Winter wasn't through with us yet. With more freezing rain this morning and a worried call from the ex, Southern Man eventually roused the two sleepy-head teens and got the brood back to their mom late in the morning. On the plus side, the other call this morning said that the tax office would be closed that day and would I mind taking the day off? No, boss, not a problem.

So Southern Man hastened back home for a quick cleanup of both the casa and himself, then ventured across the tundra to pick up gf for the aforementioned several hours of quality time. We both love our kids to death but time with each other and without them is pretty rare. Suffice it to say we enjoyed our afternoon together and Southern Man had to return her to her own charges all too soon.

After taking her home and making a run by Wal-Mart (can you believe that last time I was there for a pre-storm supply run they were completely out of beans? Milk and bread and chips, I can understand, but beans? But now there are beans aplenty at casa Southern Man - for ham and beans and taco soup and five-bean soup and chili...yum) Southern Man is back home by the fire with the Sunday paper and a plate of hot Mexican food (last of the leftovers from El Chico) and an icy cold Margarita Magnifico. Southern Man usually doesn't drink the hard stuff alone but the weekend in general and today in particular were sufficiently special that he felt like celebrating. The only way today could be more perfect is if the boss calls and says that the tax office will be closed tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day! Southern Man encourages his readers to celebrate as you see fit.


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