Southern Man

Saturday, September 30, 2006

H&R Blocked

Southern Man considers himself to be a fairly smart guy. He's got a PhD in nukular physics, for cryin' out loud. But this Saturday tax course makes him feel about as dumb as a box of rocks. The homework last night would have had him kicking the dog and tearing his hair out, if he had either. Favorite quote from today's class: "There's the right way to do this, and then there's the (company name omitted so that Southern Man doesn't get sued) way. Guess which one we'll use?"

But anyway the course is already half over and I have learned quite a bit - certainly enough to make my Schedule A a much more creative piece of work than in previous years. And I'm so looking forward to that three hour final exam in a few weeks. Now just why is it that I'm giving up my Saturdays for the purpose of working through the Christmas holiday for ten bucks an hour? Oh, yeah, got my divorce lawyer's most recent bill the other day. I knew there was a reason.

So for your general amusement here's the official IRS form for solving the quadratic formula. Share it with a teacher you love and tell 'em Southern Man sent ya.


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