Southern Man

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Breakfast At IHOP

Southern Man's teenage daughter had a dentist appointment this morning, which created an unexpected opportunity to see her early, take her to breakfast and then to her appointment, and finally drop her off at school. Breakfast was just great; she sat and chattered on and on about her new school and classes and her gang of friends and an alleged boyfriend (I'll have to check in to that later) and I just sat there and listened and smiled and was just as pleased as can be to have an hour with her all to myself. She is a bright, lovely, talented, vivacious young lady who means the world to me and I don't get to see her nearly enough. If you read this, honey, know that your dad misses you terribly and loves you lots and lots!

And now back to work. Sigh. Well at least I get to have lunch with some of MY gang today. We are supposed to be putting a video together for church which is due in a month or so and we had better get cracking on it.


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