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Thursday, August 31, 2006

All Ye That Labor

Ah, the holiday weekend approacheth. My folks are going out of town, so there will be no traditional Labor Day evening meal at their place. My almost-ex and the girls will head to her dad's on Sunday but I may get my son for a day as he needs to join up with some of the other teens from church on Monday morning for something or other. Other than that, I'll have much of the long weekend to myself. I'll spend it tidying up around my place and unpacking and repacking my junk and finally tackling the rest of the garage and trying to resist the temptation to go into the office and wade into my backlog of paperwork.

The divorce proceedings have finally started to pick up. Both of us have been after our lawyers to get cracking on the terms for the final decree, and she says that my lawyer actually called her lawyer to get it started. That call no doubt cost us $125 each but at least the process is moving again. I'd sure like to get everything settled by mid-September. The mandantory ninety-day wait is up at the beginning of October and, God forgive me for saying this, but I'd like to be divorced by then. I guess I need the closure so I can finally stop looking back and start moving forward. Yeah, closure. I'm waiting for closure. Wake me when September ends...

My work schedule, as feared, is totally insane. I'm hardly home at all during the week...and it's going to get worse when that Saturday class starts up. I'm already starting to count the days until Fall Break, and we haven't even yet finished the second week of classes. But if our lawyers are going to start making $125 phone calls it's a good thing I have the extra work.

On the other hand my early morning workouts are going well. The other kids in the cardio class complain about their legs but mine are coming right back, thanks. However it is painfully apparent that Southern Man has muscles in his upper body that have never actually been used. And it is equally clear that he has no abs at all. Crunches? We don't need no stinking crunches, especially when Southern Man can't even do one correcly.

Well, this has been a true Seinfeld post. My sister will no doubt comment that this entire enterprise is a blog about nothing. But at least I updated it once this week...


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