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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lazy Sunday

At last, another weekend with my kids! I assumed temporary custody of all three at six o'clock Friday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day window shopping (for futons and DVD cabinets and beds and bookshelves and guitars) and grocery shopping. We ended up back at my place for a late dinner and spent the rest of the evening just bumming around. Teenage daughter cooked dinner and baked cookies while teenage son noodled about on the guitar and keyboard. I was just happy to have them there in the house. Everyone fell asleep in the middle of Jurassic Park at about midnight.

The next morning we slept in (a rare treat for me) and again just bummed around 'till about eleven, when I had to return my teenage daughter to her mom so she could attend a party later that afternoon. After dropping by Wal Mart to get a leaky tire fixed (and anyone who's ever tried to get their vehicle serviced at Wal Mart on a Saturday knows that "dropping by" is far from the truth) we ended up at the local amusement park for an afternoon of rides and junk food and shows and general fun.

My son had tried to find someone to come with him but all of his friends were either out of town or grounded. He was a good sport about it and stuck with us the entire time even though we were pretty much restricted to whatever his baby sister could ride. The poor guy won a basketball (he's a good bb player) but accidently left it somewhere and when he dashed back to get it five minutes later it was already gone. We saw a terrific magic show. Southern Man loves magic shows as he has no idea how the illusions actually work and it may as well be magic to him. By the time we got around to the water rides the evening storms were already rolling in and it was fairly cool, but we rode them anyway. We tricked little sister onto a roller coaster, which she hated, but she soon forgave us (and did so a lot quicker than teenage son did when we tricked him onto a 'coaster at a much young age). But finally they started to shut the rides down due to lightning and I had to run them home. All in all it was a good day for me; I hope they enjoyed it too.

Casa Southern Man was without power when I arrived home late that evening, which meant a quiet and relaxed and chore-free evening. Southern Man did learn that reading by candlelight is harder than it looks. He also needs to Google for "remove candle wax from carpet." The power did come back on, but apparently blinked out again a time or two during the night as I awoke much later in the morning than intended to see the alarm clock flashing 12:00. It was too late to make it to Sunday School and church. However, it is occasionally worthwhile to worship with Pastor Pillow and Brother Blanket instead of the regular crowd, and that's just what I did.

That leaves me with a lazy Sunday all to myself. It's cool and cloudy out, which means the AC can actually keep up for once during the day and I can putter about in my untidy garage without rivers of sweat pouring down my back. I'll put some blues in the CD player and just take it nice and easy today. Another week of work and worry and hassles and frustration can wait until tomorrow.


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