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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Seventh Day

On the recommendation of a friend I tried a new Sunday School class today. They're mostly an older crowd and the lesson was cobbled together from various passages in Proverbs (I generally don't care much for lessons drawn from the Old Testament) but was still pretty good. There was no evening service scheduled so that all of the Sunday School classes could gather for their own evening fellowship so I decided to go to theirs that evening as well.

The class teacher has a pretty good sized workshop with a truly impressive collection of antique blacksmithing and woodworing and barrel-making tools. We spent close to an hour in that shop just browsing around. There was a nice writeup about it a few years back in the local paper and if I can find it online I'll come back here and put in a link. I have a mild interest with blacksmithing myself and may make a trip back there just to look around again.

But what really counted for me was the devotional and prayers we had after our meal. I have hardly ever seen a group that cared so deeply for one another. And they are about the prayinest bunch of folks I've ever seen. The "service" went for well over an hour and it felt like about fifteen minutes. I've held on to my old class since the separation but now I think it may be time to let that part of my past go and look more towards whatever future God has in store for me. Lord, I thank you for your guidance and direction and healing. Looking back on the last few months I see how you have done great works and performed such amazing healing in my life. Now I pray that you would continue to guide me and direct me as I look forward to the new path to which You have appointed me. Amen.


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