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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Geocaching Luncheon

Some of the local geocachers meet for lunch and games and good times once a month. Today's lunch was in the "Bricktown" area of Southern City.

A merry gathering.

Cachers "Gilo" and "Prairie Gypsy" (our hostess).

Let's eat! These two cache as the "Elk Street Angels."

The "Gators," a much loved couple in the local caching community.

We love caching! The younger members of teams "Fun2BLost" and "Prairie Gypsies."

They once cached as "Mustaing Jen" and "Team Tendy" but are now engaged and are now "The Cache Shoes." Yes, we're a little silly about our caching names.

The Queens of Caching.

So what did we do after lunch? Walk around Bricktown and look for geocaches! This particular cache was a "skirt lifter." Use your imagination.

"Alice and Spacelord" with their tricked-out Toyota.

Like that's gonna stop us...

The're a fun bunch and Southern Man is glad they let him hang out with them and take their pictures. Some of these end up on the group's Facebook page as well. Lord, thank you for good friends and good times. Amen.


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