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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break!

Ah, Spring Break, that glorious week in the middle of the semester. Alas, it was too brief...

Southern Man had Teen Daughter for the first half of break. Of course she took nature photos at every opportunity.

One of many sunset pics by Teen Daughter.

We had a lot of fun - saw the new Disney movie, went to the trampoline park, ate out any number of times - before she had to go back to her Mother on Wednesday.

Of course there was geocaching.

Southern Man did this one with the teen son of a friend and a couple of cachers from Kansas that we met early in the day. The caches were actually spread out around an area lake but it does make for lovely "geo-art."

Teen friend, the fellow from Kansas, and Southern Man. Photo by the wife of the fellow from Kansas.

He also went up into this tree to retrieve a cache.

On Friday evening we went bowling...


Knock 'em down!

One of The Girls.

And finally Southern Man had just a few days to get some chores done out at The Land but then Spring Break was over far too soon. Oh well summer is coming!


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