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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday In The Park

It was a gray morning and not conducive to photography but Southern Man's redbuds have finally bloomed. They always wait two weeks after the other redbuds bud out and make him think that they didn't make it...

We planted dozens and dozens of trees fifteen years ago and tended them and watered them and then one hot, hot summer Southern Man went out to The Land and they were all gone - eaten to the ground by deer or beavers or something. But these three redbuds came back from the roots. All three are native, harvested from a friend's estate. None of the store-bought trees made it.

Saturday morning the church group met up at a local park for geocaching and Frisbee Golf and walking...

Adam and his Frisbee Golf team.

We went one for six on geocaches but it was still a lot of fun.

And that evening was the monthly Christian dance...

Beware of Pool Sharks!

Our Lovely Hostess

The Boys

The Girls

And thus ends another busy and fun Saturday!


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