Southern Man

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Lunch and Geocaching and Dancing, Oh My!

Today was the monthly geocacher's lunch, which is always a great time.

Forget geocaching - Little Gypsy came to sell cookies!

Bonnie wasn't aware that the question was "who wants to host the next luncheon?"

"Take this haunted Totem and recieve three free mushrooms!"

Little Gypsy and Hate To Be Lost mug for the camera.

After lunch Southern Man and Dr. Scissortail headed out to pick up a few caches...

"Can't get in that way..."

We were five feet from the cache but had to hike to the other entrance and break out the flashlights to get to it.

And that evening was the monthly Bible Study and Christian Connection dance...

Dancing fools

Pool Sharks

A Dancing Princess

Thank you, Lord, for a day filled with good people and good times. Amen.


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