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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Coffee and Weddings and Caching, Oh My!

Saturday was a busy, busy day - Coffee Talk in the morning, an outdoor wedding in the afternoon, and geocaching well into the dark of night.

First off was our monthly meet for coffee and fellowship and Bible study. Our hosts recently moved (and to a location that's just a stone's throw from Southern Man's workplace) so this is the first one in a couple of months.

In The Kitchen

Paul chillin' out


Since work was nearby and there was plenty of work on his desk Southern Man slaved away in the office for a few hours, then headed into Southern City for the wedding.

The gift table and registration book.

Cake and punch!

"What really knocked me out were their red sunglasses..."

The Groom, an engineer, could not resist dealing with last minute technical details.

He also built this bridge so that The Bride wouldn't have to traverse that little ditch in four-inch heels.

What's a wedding without sax?

The Happy Couple.

And then Southern Man fell victim to a devious plot. Shirley (pictured above), without his knowledge, told her son Shane (also pictured above) that "Southern Man might want to geocache with you tonight." Then she told Southern Man "Hey, Shane really wants to go geocaching tonight!" He suspects that she just wanted him out of the house for a while so that she could have some "quiet time" with her boyfriend. But, hey, it's geocaching so no complaints. We 'cached until well after dark, then ate Mexican food and Southern Man got him home at ten-ish.

Shane nabs a cache.

And that was a full and fun Saturday. May there be many more like it! Lord, thank you for the friends and the freedom you've granted me. Amen.


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