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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More On Diets

Southern Man stumbled across a post at Business Insider describing thirteen nutrition lies and was delighted to see that Southern Man's Platter continues to be vindicated by modern science. Or at least what passes for modern science at Business Insider. Their thirteen lies in a nutshell are:
  • Eggs are bad for you.
  • A Calorie is a Calorie.
  • Saturated fat is unhealthy.
  • Protein is bad for you.
  • Whole wheat is good for you.
  • Coffee is bad for you.
  • Meat is bad for you.
  • Low fat, high carb is the way to go.
  • Refined seed and vegatable oil is good for you.
  • Low-carb is ineffective and bad for you.
  • Cut back on sodium.
  • Sugar is bad for you because it contains "empty" calories.
  • Fat makes you fat.
But if you already follow the Southern Man Platter diet you already know these things, don't you? Lord, we live in a land of plenty undreamed of by our ancestors. Grant us the wisdom to enjoy your providence with gratitude and in moderation. Amen.


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