Southern Man

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday Day 2

In which Southern Man will awake in his hotel room and geocache some more and visit with family and then meander back home with possibly with Southern Father (who had hitched a ride down earlier in the week).

Southern Man was up before the sun to get in some geocaching before meeting up with Southern Father for the ride home.

The main event was a long series of twenty caches along Highway 380.

Then Father and Son hit the road. We were in no hurry and took a scenic turnout in the mountains (or what pass for mountains in Southern State) that Southern Man remembered as a child - it was on the route to Marshall before the Interstate was completed.

If Southern Man looks this good at that age he'll be a happy camper indeed.

Then we arrived at the Ancestral Manor for a dinner of eggs and sausage with Southern Mother and Southern Son and then Southern Man made his way back to The Land, tired but happy. It's still Thanksgiving Weekend and we have not yet begun to feast!


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