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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

IT Luncheon

The last IT division meeting of the semester is not so much "meeting" as it is "Christmas Luncheon."

There was plenty of food.

Why, yes, Southern Man is somewhat obsessed with food.

The CS Department Chair and Southern Man's officially appointed mentor. They're both really very nice.

Our Fearless Leader, the Dean of IT. Southern Man's actually known him for about twenty years.

Mike in his natural habitat. He brought the most delicious cinnamon rolls ever.

Another one of the CS professors. We're about half boys, half girls - a little unusual for computer science.

Yet another one of the CS professors, and another who Southern Man has known for many years.

The departmental adminastrative assistant. Southern Man feeds her dark chocolate on a regular basis. One can never keep the admin assistants too happy.

Even though Southern Man has only worked here full time for a few months it already feels like home, mainly due to these friendly folks. Thanks!


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