Southern Man

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday Day 1

In which Southern Man will slowly geocache his way down to Marshall, TX to join the clan for Thanksgiving Day afternoon and then spend the night in his pre-booked hotel room.

Southern Man emerged at the end of the turnpike at dawn, just in time for breakfast and to 'cache his way through a series of small towns on the Texas state highways. He took his time and enjoyed the sites and found a number of geocaches and then arrived at Southern Father's ancestral estate at about noon - several acres of land with a handful of houses on streets all named for Southern Man's kin where the young Southern Lad and his brother and sister and cousins spent many a summer day.

Grandfather "PaPoo" lived next door to his mother-in-law (Grandmother Helen passed away when Southern Man was still a baby) and there was a well-worn path between those two homes. Both are long gone; Uncle Bob built a new house where PaPoo's once stood. We gathered at Great-Aunt Sue's house.

No event that includes Southern Father is complete without boxes of books and ham radio gear. He was actually a little miffed that Southern Man hadn't driven The Titan so he could haul a big antenna back home as well.

In Aunt Sue's kitchen.

Two Uncles.

Another great-uncle with Southern Father.

One of the many house cats.

Southern Man with his incredibly intelligent great-uncle Ken, who taught philosophy at a major state university for many years.

The Feast.

Oh, yeah, The Feast required two tables.

Troy and Rachel fly a paper plane.

And after a most entertaining afternoon (and by "entertaining" Southern Man is referring to the endless stream of commentary from his sports-loving relatives)Southern Man finally retreated to his hotel and did a little night caching and settled down for the evening. Thank you, Lord, for my family. Amen.


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