Southern Man

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Update

Another busy weekend with Teen Daughter in town, a family birthday dinner, movie night with the church men's group, and lunch with the area geocachers.

After work on Friday Southern Man dashed up to get Teen Daughter and raced back into town for the fall birthday dinner...

Three Southern Cousins, all fine young men even if some of them go to the wrong state university...

...and their father, Southern Brother.

Southern Father and Teen Daughter at the dominoes table.

...after which Southern Man zipped across town to meet up with some men from church at a local grill and then a late night showing of Thor: The Dark World.

Apparently Joy didn't get the memo that this was "boy's night out."

So Southern Man got home at about one a.m. after a most fun evening with family and friends.

Next morning he was up with the sun to drive about an hour west for the monthly area geocacher luncheon.

Cachers are good folks.

Caching is kid friendly!

Part of Team Gator and Team Tendy.

A trackable embroidered on a shirt...

...and on a car!

After the luncheon Southern Man and the two Prairie Gypsies and half of Fun2BLost went into town for Southern State's only webcam cache.

At the cache.

What the webcam saw.

On the way home Southern Man stopped at a well-known cache that he hadn't yet logged.

The famous Sonic-cup water tower, complete with geocache.

Then Southern Man picked up Teen Daughter for an afternoon of fun, which included Thor, again. It was better the second time.

Which included a hair trim at the mall. Which she hated.

And then Sunday was church and lunch at a local BBQ place and an hour or so drive to return Teen Daughter to her mother, and then a relaxing evening at The Trailer. Two more full weeks of work, then a holiday week!


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