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Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Update

A fun-packed weekend kicked off with the monthly bowling group.

Southern Man's new geocaching buddy, young master Shane...

...and his lovely mother Shirley, who did in fact bowl a couple of frames in those boots.

Whoo hoo, that's a strike baby! Photo by Mark.

Southern Man with Shirley and Tiffany.

The Gang went out for Mexican food after bowling.

Southern Man has an interesting confession for someone who is a Southern Man - he hasn't fired a weapon since his teen years. This was remedied on Saturday when a friend dragged Southern Man to a local shooting range for a morning of dakka.

Virgin targets.

Jonathan has convinced Southern Man that his first handgun ought to be a Glock 23.

Southern Man with the Škorpion 61. He shot well with that one, relatively speaking.

The tight groupings are by Jonathan and the scattered shots are Southern Man, who actually did his best handgun work with a little five-cylinder .38 revolver.

And now for the rifles. From top to bottom: Chinese peasant rifle (Korean War-era SKS) with bayonet, Russian modern rifle (AK 103), Russian peasant rifle (Mosin Nagant dated 1942), and a Ruger 10/22. The guy in the stand next to us had the American peasant rifle (M1 Garand) so we handled a good chuck of the WWII - Cold War arsenal.

Southern Man shoots the SKS.

Jonathan and the AK-103.

Southern Man gets a turn on the AK.

After the fun at the range and a late lunch Southern Man got back to the land at sunset (which is about five PM this time of year) and tried several shots of the full moon through the trees. This one, bad as it is, was the best of the lot.

Full Moon.

And then it was off to the Christian Dance...

Jeri and Joy take a smoke break.

Southern Man shamelessly flirts with Shirley but she's Mark's girl. Most of the time.

On Sunday morning it was time for Bible Study, which was actually a surprise birthday party for our discussion leader...


Our leader Eddie and his fiancée Teri.

The Girls.

Jeri and Paul.

The Feast!

Well, that was quite a weekend. Lord, thank you for good friends. Amen.


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