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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Star Wars: The Icelandic Saga

The whole thing, all six films, in one long post. Many liberties are taken, some of necessity and some of editorial choice; for example, Jar-Jar is slain early on. Here are a few excerpts:
Long did they fight, and the lava burned around them all the while, and the ash fell upon them and choked them, and neither got an advantage on the other, and each fought with utmost ferocity. Their battle was both hard and long, but it ended when Víga-Óbívan cut Anakinn on the right thigh, so that almost all the muscle was hewn out, and Anakinn fell nearly into the lava and was unable to fight further. Anakinn the Sky-walker attempted to pull himself away from the lava, but his clothes began to burn, and soon he began to burn too.

He said to Víga-Óbívan, “I hate you!”

“You were my brother, Anakinn!” said Víga-Óbívan Kvæggansson. “I loved you!” But he turned away from Anakinn and walked off, and Anakinn the Sky-walker burned in silence.


Lúkr stood on a mountaintop and looked at where the sun was setting, and the glacier before him was like a mirror, and therein it seemed as though a second sun were setting. For this reason the mountain was called Tvísólatindr (Two Sun Mountain), and Lúkr would often stand there alone and recall the sagas about vikings and kings.


After Lúkr had walked a long time in the darkness on the path through the heath, he saw a shadow which stood before him, and the shadow was darker even than the night itself.

“Take my sword, father,” said Lúkr, “I will not fight you.” He handed his sword to Veiðr, and Veiðr grasped it slowly by the hilt.

Veiðr said, “It was my sword, when I was younger. When I was called Anakinn. Lightsaber the Green – certainly it is a good sword and a sharp one. But now I bear Lightsaber the Red, and it is sharper still, and that name Anakinn never did me any good.”

“It is still your true name,” said Lúkr.

But Veiðr became angry. “It is a name,” he said, “given to me by a slavewoman. The name Veiðr was the gift of a king, and that is worth three times as much.”


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Well that was an hour of my life I'll never get back.


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