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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Day 1

The first "official" night at The Trailer was most restful. This may have been due in part to Southern Man dragging his tired ass home at 1:00 AM after a busy, busy Friday of teaching and moving. And, yes, eating and drinking and dancing.

Today's festivities kicked off with morning coffee with the singles group, which is always both fun and refreshing. There were several new people in the group today, and there were some really good testimonies. Not to mention plenty of scrambled eggs (with bacon and sausage and onion) and fruit and other goodies.

One of the new girls is a bit of an outdoor adventurer who has actually stumbled across Southern Father at the local wildlife refuge. Pic stolen from her web site,

Southern Man then wandered out to the Ancestral Manor to pick up a few things and chat with his parents and daughter.

Youngest Nephew was there keeping an eye on things.

And then it was off well northeast of Southern City for a geocache that (allegedly) contained a travel bug, coordinates, and key to another cache that's in the park where tomorrow's picnic will be held. The TB was gone - possibly stolen - but Southern Man had a nice chat with that cache owner, who goes by the handle "Great Pumkin."

Southern Man was pretty interested in that nice rental tractor in the background.

And then back to The Land for an evening of cleanup and moving stuff around (there are unlabeled boxes everywhere) and general relaxation. Which is pretty easy considering that there's a beautiful pond a few feet from his doorstep. Life out in the sticks may be a little rough around the edges but it's still pretty good.


At Tuesday, September 04, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you intend to do with the rental tractor? You seem so busy now.


At Tuesday, September 04, 2012, Blogger Southern Man said...

I have LOTS of dirt work that needs to be done, but that's way down the list. Probably several summers down...


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