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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Movie Review - The Expendables 1 and 2

Yes, two reviews for the price of one as Southern Man missed the first one when it came out and RedBoxed it earlier this week in preparation for the sequel. But there's not really much to review here. If you like over-the-top action films with over-the-hill action film heroes making fun of each other's over-the-top action films you'll enjoy both of these. For example:
Arnold Schwartzenegger: I'll be back!
Bruce Willis: You've been back enough times already. I'll be back. (exits, with guns blazing)
Schwartzenegger (to himself): Yippee ki yay.
The funniest part is that according to the credits those lines were written by Sylvester Stallone.

In another fine moment Our Heroes are outnumbered, pinned down, and ready to buy the farm when all the bad guys are riddled with bullets and fall dead and then their tank explodes. As Our Heroes walk into the carnage wondering what had happened and who had saved their asses, Chuck Norris strolls around the corner. Yes, just Chuck. He doesn't need a team. He works alone.

The Expendables is kind of half-way serious but The Expendables 2 is full of that sort of self-deprecating macho-corny meta-humor. They're both comical in the sense that vast hordes of bad guys can't hit much of anything and Our Heroes not only appear immune to all assault (in one scene an attack helicopter with dual mini-guns strafes them at point-blank range, with no effect) but they inflict all sorts of massive damage with their weapons (like Terry Crews shoots up a wood-stilt watchtower with his auto-shotgun and it explodes). The gore is pretty graphic with lots of blood and guts and dismemberment and more than a few exploding heads. Yeah, gross. But a lot of fun. The list of action heroes that will (potentially) be in the third one is impressive. Just remember, it's all make believe!


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