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Wednesday, August 29, 2012 the Internet...

The apartment is down to just a few more trips, including the PC and the TV. And Southern Man is having a hard time letting go of both, particularly the PC. Because that means no more fast connection to the Internet (outside of work) for the foreseeable future.

But it is time to turn off the trusty old ten-year-old Dell (yes, Southern Man, computer geek extraordinaire, is down to a hand-me-down desktop) and pack it off to the truck and make another evening run out to The Land.

But the TV will stay until the last moment of clean up - NCIS marathon! It will be a late night tonight, a full day at work tomorrow, and probably a late night tomorrow night as well as the place must be clean and keys turned in by five o'clock on Friday.

Why, no, Teen Daughter the Elder has not yet returned to finish cleaning her bedroom. And Southern Man does not want to deal with her mess. But place your bets - it's looking like he will.


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