Southern Man

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back To Work

Well, Summer Vacation is over and Southern Man is back at work.

So after a restful night at The Trailer Southern Man zipped up to La Casa to shower and change and head in to the office. Today's schedule began with a noon luncheon for the Reads program in which Southern Man is a faculty discussion leader. We send a book out to all of the incoming freshmen, they read it (we hope), we meet to discuss it (that will be Thursday noon) and then that evening the author of the book gives a talk. This year it's Farm City by Novella Carpenter who describes her adventures as an urban farmer in a rather seedy corner of Oakland. Southern Man is interested not only in a little gentleman farming but also in right-to-farm issues and food law and he's looking forward to Thursday's sessions. Then there was a three o'clock leadership meeting (Southern Man is a Department Chair and attends many such administrative meetings) and then a five o'clock dinner and meetings at the community college where he moonlights in the evenings. So it was a rather full day.

And then he was stumped by not one, not two, but all three geocaches he'd assigned for the evening run. Southern Man tries not to be too OCD about his daily streak but he will not break that streak until he absolutely must so he used that as an excuse to run up to Wal-Mart and pick up a data cable for the new phone and nab a nearby back-up cache on his "easy" list. Tomorrow has an early start so he'll stay in the apartment tonight. And hopefully clean and pack some more rather than just sit in front of the TV...


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