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Monday, August 13, 2012

Land Work Day 8

La Casa (soon to be La Casa Antigua) is almost empty; only a few large items remain. Of course a million smaller items are scattered everywhere.

Today Southern Man made his usual Monday-morning trip to the chiropractor and picked up a few early morning geocaches, then returned home and loaded up Teen Daughter The Elder's bed (which actually belongs to Southern Mother) and hauled it out to the Ancestral Manor. He then returned and ran some errands...

This time it was The Hyundai's turn for an oil and filter change.

...which included (finally) a used Samsung Gravity Smart to replace the nearly five year old HTC Wing. Yes, Southern Man tends to buy and hold, sometimes way too long. The "new" phone also required a trip to the T-Mobile Store to update the data plan and add hot-spot and tethering, which after some fussing and fiddling about finally worked (well, the WiFi, anyway - Southern Man still needs to pick up a cable to test the direct-connection tethering). Tonight he will test it out at The Land.

And tomorrow just starts earlier and earlier. First it was a 5:00 PM meeting at the community college, and then a 3:00 leadership meeting, and now a noon luncheon. So this will be the last official Land Work Day as tomorrow will be a more than full day to kick off the fall semester. Classes begin on Monday!


At Tuesday, August 14, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

geocashing was added to the dictionary this year so was energy bar and man cave.enunnotele


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