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Monday, August 06, 2012

Land Work Day 1

The day started off with the usual Monday doctor's appointment and a really challenging geocache in that part of town - it hadn't been found in six months, but Southern Man nabbed it. And then it was time to get to work out at The Land.

The first floor of The Barn is a horrible mess. Boxes are heaped everywhere. Every time Southern Man had to move more boxes went out there, just stacked wherever there was room. The center is full of stacks of bookshelves (most hand-made by Southern Father and Southern Man), many of which are water damaged from the (formerly) leaky south roof. Southern Man found toolboxes and buckets in the middle of the barn that were still full of water from that leak. Most everything is on sheets of plywood on 2x4s to keep them off the floor but the rats just love that crawl space. And the mud daubers have built countless nests over the years and everything is covered with red dirt. You would not believe how much mud those critters can bring in over a decade or more. And there were corners that hadn't been touched since before the divorce, six years ago, so rat nests were everywhere. However, it could have been worse; there were also skins from a fairly large snake that Southern Man knew had taken up residence in The Barn some years ago. He hopes the snake ate well.

So Southern Man grit his teeth and started pulling everything out. The floor was heaped with dirt dauber mud and rat droppings and debris of every kind. But Southern Man moved and scraped and swept and cleaned and by the end of the day a pretty large space was cleared out and relatively clean. He then moved and organized boxes and stacked them in that new clear space, revealing another realm of filthy floor to clean. He is also beginning to manage his pack rat gene and filled the truck with trash to dump in the apartment dumpster. Yes, that included the very first CD-ROM he ever bought - a one speed, read only, with its own special I/O card. He hadn't been able to bear to throw it away until now. Ditto for a SoundBlaster 64 Gold for which he payed two hundred bucks, back in the day. Any cheap on-mainboard sound beats it today but back Click here for a loving look at the history of PC sound.

By the end of the day good progress had been made so Southern Man returned to La Casa for a shower and dinner but then grabbed more stuff and headed back out to spend the night so he could get an early start in the morning. The goal is to have the bottom of the barn ready for all of the large furniture by the weekend when RCJ has been railroaded into promised to help. Southern Man has moved by himself many, many times - well, every time - but he's gotten to the point where there are a few items that he just can't manage alone.


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