Southern Man

Friday, June 29, 2012

Test Case Workshop Day 4

The trip back was as smooth as can be: caught the first subway out of the on-campus station, transferred to another line without breaking stride, and hopped on the airport bus, again without breaking stride. Things slowed down a bit at the airport - enough that Southern Man got a little nervous - but he cleared security and got to the gate just as they were just calling his flight. The only down side was that the return flight routed him through Houston, which made for a long morning.

The connection from Houston was a little commuter jet that we boarded from outside.

Once on the ground at Southern City it was rush, rush, rush - straight to work for a luncheon (Southern Man missed most of that), a meeting, his afternoon class, a retirement reception, and then the evening class at the community college. By the time Southern Man got home he was more than ready to eat a bite of dinner (playing it safe, he hit a grocery store on the way home) and collapse into bed. Which is just what he did!


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