Southern Man

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Test Case Workshop Day 3

The traditional "last day" of these workshops is lecture and labs in the morning, recap and discussion in the afternoon. We did more Interesting Stuff. Then it was time for Southern Man to explore Boston and hit more geocaches. And pubs.

The Muddy River.

Sailboats on the Charles River, taken from the Harvard Bridge. The Smoot markings are still there.

Music in a local park. They were doing a cover of "Ain't No Sunshine" when Southern Man walked by.

Southern Man found a fine pub (The Crossroads) and had a glass of Hampton IPA, which was very good. Their "Crossroads Sampler" was far too much food for one person but Southern Man gave it his best.

By the end of the evening Southern Man had run his Boston geocache count up to fifteen, with only one DNF - not a bad run at all. Tomorrow morning he must catch the very first subway at 5:00 AM to make his 7:02 flight.


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