Southern Man

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday Drive

Today was just about a perfect day!

Southern Man headed out mid-morning in The Titan to pick up a couple of freebies found on Craigslist - a load of brick (mostly fill quality but still useful) and an unopened box of coiled roofing nails (that's thirty-five bucks at the home store, right there, and they'll get used this summer if not sooner) and then worked his way back to The Land picking up geocaches as he went, one of which resulted in a good story. Many of the caches were off little bridges by creeks and Southern Man had a grand time stomping about exploring and nature-walking. And there really is nothing quite like tooling about rural Southern Land in a big pickup with a loud stereo belting out singing classic rock on a beautiful mild Spring day.

Once at The Land he unloaded the bricks and nails and puttered around for a bit, then headed back home (missing Southern Father by moments on one of his rare visits to The Land) to pick up a few groceries and wash The Titan (five tokens spent on the bed alone, and it's still not clean) and shower and head out to Southern Parents for Sunday Evening Dinner.

He and Teen Daughter (who was working this afternoon) were the last to arrive but the pizza was still warm and the ice cream cold. And after a most pleasant ninety minutes with family Southern Man and Teen Daughter are back home relaxing and preparing for another week. Two to go and it's Spring Break and a full week off!


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