Southern Man

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A deliberate style choice on this blog is to write in the third person and to avoid the use of commas if at all possible and to write very very long sentences that never seem to end but have this ephemeral Mark Twain-ish (or anti John Steinbeck-ish) feel about them and he also tends to put side comments between em-dashes — which are different from en-dashes — or in parenthesis (like this). But Southern Man was so annoyed at recent events that he discovered that he had lapsed into standard first-person writing on this recent rant which tells you how passionate Southern Man is about this subject. So he has re-edited that post a bit and is mentioning it here for no other reason than to have a post for today and to let you know that if you catch him deviating from his self-imposed style feel free to call him on it. That is all.


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