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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Southern Man was reading an amusing comment thread about plagiarism (actually, more about failures to successfully plagiarize) and this one caught his eye:
The old academic truism is that these people are only cheating themselves. And, like many truisms, it's true. I remember one kid I worked with when I was at Digital, who managed to get a CS degree without actually learning anything. He lasted a couple months and then the fact that he was woefully underprepared for the workforce sunk in on both him and his supervisor. After that he bounced from job to job, always getting a position based on his qualifications, then getting laid off when his lack of skills became apparent. Finally, he got a job working for the government, where, no doubt, he is to this day.

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Marcus Ranum.
Explains a lot about government, doesn't it?


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