Southern Man

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie Review - Super 8

With Super 8 (which is not a prequel to Cloverfield but features a similar critter and many similar themes) J. J. Abrams is now three for four in Southern Man's book (there can be no forgiveness for the fiasco that was the once-promising Lost), The bowing and scraping before the altar of Spielberg is a bit heavy-handed in places and the general disregard for the laws of physics a bit annoying but overall it's a fine film; the young actors are uniformly terrific and the intentional lens flares are not nearly as disruptive as in Star Trek. A background television places the time in the era of the Three Mile Island accident and Southern Man was transported right back to high school by the music choices. One supposes that this means that he is old. This one will definitely be added to the DVD collection next Christmas.


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