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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday Weekend Day 1

And now she's officially twelve-year-old daughter. The first phase of the party was at Laser Quest where we played two games...

Agent K stalks the night.

...and then gathered for cake and ice cream...

Merry-making in the Party Room at Laser Quest.

...then phase two was a huge family dinner at Outback...

Much of the clan is gathered here. Photo by the server at Outback.

The Birthday Girl with teen sister and teen brother.

...and finally we wandered back to Casa Southern Man for swimming and movies.

This is actually a photo from Summer 2009 in Orlando, Florida, taken from a disposable underwater camera that Southern Man just found and had developed.
Actually, all of these photos are from disposable cameras as Southern Man paid the "messy house" tax and had to buy one when he couldn't find his digital camera. The cameras plus developing worked out to about $5 per usable snapshot, which should encourage him to clean his room and find that camera.


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