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Friday, July 01, 2011

Holiday Weekend Day 1

Today we finally bought our double-park season passes (one amusement park, one water park) and spent most of the day at the water park. Then on the way home we hit a pawn shop where daughter spent her allowance and most of her remaining birthday cash on an iPod Nano and we spent the evening loading it up with CDs and mp3s. Well, Southern Man spent the evening cursing at the unholy abomination that is iTunes and she spent the evening singing and dancing to Carrie Underwood and Selena Gomez and Ke$ha. And even now she's peering over my shoulder begging for more music downloads...


At Saturday, July 02, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How grown up she is!! Wasn't so long ago you were giving her a ride on an office chair up and down the hall. And it doesn't seem so long ago, either, when all of you were at my house for the dept Christmas party, and she was just a toddler, walking well but not talking well. Looks like soon there will be more trips to check out colleges.

Girl Programmer


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