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Friday, June 24, 2011

Mobile App Workshop Day 1

This time Southern Man and his colleagues are on the other end of the workshop; he and two other professors and five graduate students are presenting a workshop on Android and iOS application development to high-school students - thus the "packed" work week with regular duties for most of the day and workshop prep until late every night. Southern Man, who in spite of a lifetime of immersion in computers of all types, had never owned an Apple product of any sort until the iPad dropped into his lap so naturally he's in charge of the iOS side. Also naturally, most of the kids are in that group. But a week's hard work by Southern Man and his grad students paid off; today went quite smoothly (some intro talk on computers and programming and such in the morning; introduction to the horror that is XCode (most IDEs are bad but Apple has a reputation for particularly awful ones) and an example application in the afternoon) and everyone had a great time. And the rest of the material is already prepped so no late night tonight! Tomorrow we'll finish up, but Southern Man will duck out early for almost-twelve-year-old daughter's birthday party and following birthday dinner.

And to end the day Southern Man and teen daughter teamed up to prepare a most delicious pasta and salad for dinner. She's turning out to be quite the cook, much like her mother.


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