Southern Man

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Daughter Weekend

After work yesterday Southern Man headed to his folks to pick up almost-twelve-year-old daughter (where he had a nice chat with his teenage son - considering that we live fifteen minutes apart we really don't see each other that often) then we hit Wal-Mart for supplies and finally arrived back at Casa Southern Man. By this time Southern Man could barely keep his eyes open and collapsed into bed - then when his daughter shook him awake a few hours later he was half convinced that it was already the next morning and why was he still so tired? But we hit the pool for an hour of evening swimming and had a great time. Today was much of the same - after a most welcome night's sleep we noodled around the apartment all morning and after Southern Man ran some errands we spent the afternoon in the pool (Southern Man taught her and a playmate to dive and she's already begging for more lessons tomorrow) and now she's settled down for some premiers of her favorite shows on the Disney Channel. Life is good!


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