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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Daughter(s) Weekend

The summer schedule is that Southern Man works his tail off Monday through Thursday, then fetches twelve-year-old daughter from Southern Grandmother and keeps her through Sunday evening. And we did the usual things: a movie on Friday afternoon (Thor, which was okay but not good enough for a separate review), the water park and their "dive-in movie" on Saturday evening (Grown Ups, which was also okay but Southern Man was happy to nap through most of it), church and an after-service lunch to support the teens going to summer camp and lazing around at home on Sunday. But this weekend teen daughter made a rare appearance - she does live here but you wouldn't know it other than from the horrific mess in our lone bathroom and the ransom notes on the 'fridge ("buy more water or the tribble gets it!") - and we had a long talk about science and college and finances and life and she even played dominoes with us, which was great fun. There won't be many more like this: next weekend is family reunion in TX and at the end of July twelve-year-old daughter goes back to KS to her mother. It makes for a very full life but it's so, so worth it!


At Tuesday, July 12, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The movie THOR was an emotional experience for me. Not the plot, not the acting, not even the special effects, but just they guy who played Thor.

Girl Programmer


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